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Student Ministries
Leader: Candace Hawkins

The Student Ministries at New Hope are growing and changing each week!

Our goal is to provide the youth in our area a chance to:

  1. Hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide youth a chance to respond to his gift of salvation.
  2. Help students on their Christian walk gain a greater understanding of what being a "Christ follower" means in their own lives.
  3. Teach students how to use their Bibles and find where stories, verses and commentaries are located.
  4. Build relationships with other Christian youth in our church and in the area through fellowship times and outings.
  5. Equip students to use their spiritual gifts by offering them positions to serve in the church and mentoring them through it.
  6. Launch students into the next level of their spiritual growth by encouraging them to OWN their faith and relationship with Christ. (Read the Bible, pray, worship because you love God, not because someone tells you to.)

Being real all the time is important. So many youth try to "put on" their church faces and live lives totally different at school. We try to emphasize that you are who you are...God sees you all the time!  Love "the Light," be "the light." 


Our group meets two times a week - Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights.